Teasers and promo banners can draw in a reader with just a glimpse and a teasing taste of what lies inside. (The honey to draw in the buzzing bees). I myself have checked books out on Goodreads and Amazon after seeing some fantastic teasers posted, so I know they can be quite helpful in pulling in potential readers.

Okay...I have recently been asked to do some promo banners and teasers, so I am trying to set up a system to hook all my author peeps up. If I am asked to review or am participating in a blog tour, I usually make at least one teaser or collage for that particular book.

So this will mainly be for any additional teasers wanted or promo banners for the books as well. If any authors would like to just have me make some teasers with their pre-chosen quotes from their book, then I am more than happy to do that as well. When I have a more efficient system in place with maybe a sign up sheet, I will make sure to post it.

Here are a few examples of teasers, collages, and promo banners I have made...

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