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If you haven't yet guessed it yet, I love to read...A LOT!  My gateway drug that started my obsession was no other than 50 Shades of Grey of course. That was my first dip into the great depths of the romance ocean. I was hooked ever since and have wanted nothing more than to fall in love with as many bossy yet saucy alpha males trying to find THE ONE. I love to read about the bad boys who become tamed by the special diamond in the rough. I crave a good solid yet original story line with strong characters I can grow to love. Throw in a little mysterious plot twist to make the characters have to fight for their love...what else could a girl ask for? 

 Now that I have become a book junkie, I live my life vicariously through the vivid characters and stories in my books. I am hoping to meet more people with my passion because unfortunately I have yet to find another junkie to share my addiction with in the real world. The blogging community has been so welcoming, and it brings me immesnse joy to help review and promote new books, especially by upcoming indie authors! Well that's enough chit chat...time for my next fix! 

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